Macs White

Dear users of Macs White,

The source of the clay used in our Macs White has been completely exhausted and the supplier has ceased all operations at their extraction site. While this is an unfortunate event, it is an inevitable consequence of using such natural resources. 

In response, Waikato Ceramics will now be making Macs White using a new source of clay. This will be from batch/bag number 626 onwards. We are proud to say that this will mean all clays made by Waikato Ceramics will be made in New Zealand using New Zealand clays. 

The new Macs White has been extensively tested by ourselves and a number of experienced potters throughout New Zealand. The aim has been to achieve a product that matches the properties of the previous Macs White. We are satisfied that we have achieved that outcome and produced an excellent white clay that mirrors the properties of the previous Macs White i.e. firing temperatures, porosity, colour etc. 

However (like all clays) outcomes can vary depending on individual potters techniques, kilns, glazes and so on. We highly recommend that you apply your own due diligence and use the new Macs White as you would when acquiring and using any new clay

Waikato Ceramics cannot take responsibility for outcomes that do not mirror what you would normally expect, as this is a new clay. While we appreciate this may be a concern for some customers we are confident that we have produced a high quality white clay, and look forward to continuing to provide you with all the high quality products and services you have come to expect from us.

Kind regards,
The team at Waikato Ceramics

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