Waikato Ceramics is excited to announce some changes that will enable us to focus on a core range of products, and deliver a more efficient, effective set of services.

Over the past few years Waikato Ceramics has continued to grow the range of Macs Mud Clays produced right here on our site. The Macs Mud range has now expanded to five clays. As a result of significant growth in this area, and in order to deliver the best possible products and service to customers, we have decided to refine the wider range of products we sell. From April 2019 we will continue to sell the following products:

  • Macs Mud range of clay, produced right here on site in NZ
  • Imported plastic clays such as Walkers and Feeneys
  • Windsor White Casting Slip
  • Kiwi Underglaze, with an expanded range of colours
  • Coloured powder stains with an expanded range of colours
  • Ferro 271D clear glaze, which fits the Macs Mud range of clays
  • Complementary items such as sieves and slip trailers

This does mean that from April we will no longer be selling a wider range of products such as tools, oxides, raw materials (silica, calcite etc.) and kiln items. We understand that this may be an inconvenience for some customers, and we would be pleased to be able to assist by helping you find your next nearest stockist of materials. 

These changes will also be accompanied by the launch of an exciting new website. The website will provide much richer set information on all of our clays and other products. Our core aim is to enable customers to make informed, confident decisions about their purchases. 

From the team at Waikato Ceramics. 

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